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Interview of Muskie about radiation hazard standards. Audio quality: Good. Length: 9 min. 45 sec.

Press conference with Muskie on ambient air quality standards, automobiles in Los Angeles and their pollution. Audio quality: Good. Length: 51 min. 17 sec.
1970 August 20

ESM on environment, Machiasport refinery, Humphrey-Muskie administration, Vietnam, Kennedy-Johnson administration, inflation, welfare. Audio quality: Good. Length: 23 min. 23 sec.
1970 February 1

ESM on trip to Soviet Union, meeting with Kosygin, environment, Vietnam, Middle East, Strategic Arms Limitation Talks, Berlin talks. Audio quality: Fair Length: 13 min. 28 sec.
1970 January 20

(For WNET-TV) ESM on trip to Soviet Union, views on foreign policy, Strategic Arms Limitation Talks, Middle East conflict, Vietnam, domestic problems, congressional reform, six day war, unemployment, race relations. Introduction: Elisabeth Drew.…
1971 January 19

ESM on his trip abroad, anti-ballistic missiles, U.S. policy in Middle East and U.S.-Soviet relations. Audio quality: Good. Length: 52 min. 27 sec.
1970 January 18

ESM on arms control and pending Helsinki talks. Audio quality: Poor. Length: 9 min. 28 sec.

ESM on his personal schedule, campaign plans, inflation, Vietnam, environment, national mood, rejections of Supreme Court nominees Haynsworth and Carswell. Audio quality: Fair. Length: 32 min. 18 sec.
1970 April 9

ESM on multiple independently-targeted reentry vehicle, arms negotiations. Audio quality: Poor. Length: 18 min. 45 sec.
1969 November 1

ESM at Bates College moratorium rally criticizing Vietnam war effort. Introduction: Bates President Thomas Hedley Reynolds. Audio quality: Poor. Length: 1 hr. 10 min. 43 sec.
1969 October 15

ESM on Vietnam and U.S. troop involvement. Audio quality: Good. Length: 19 min. 4 sec.
1969 September 30

Interview for later broadcast on Radio Station WABK as part of 1970 Senate campaign. ESM on oil refineries in Maine, role as national candidate, record of achievement, shoe and textile industry, destroyer DD-963 deal with Bath Iron Works, sugar beet…
1970 October 1

ESM speaks about vocational education programs at teachers’ conference at Gardiner Regional High School. Introduction: Jane Muskie. Audio quality: Good. Length: 15 min. 56 sec.
1970 August 1

ESM on environment, protection of air and water, at Grove City College. Audio quality: Poor to fair. Length: 44 min. 1 sec.
1969 August 27

ESM questions and answers on water pollution. Audio quality:poor. Length: 11 min. 50 sec.
1969 July 22

ESM on Cooper-Church Amendment, McGovern-Hatfield Amendment, pollution, jobs, environment, withdrawal from Vietnam, prisoners of war, population control, prisons. Audio quality: Muskie - good; others - poor. Length: 46 min. 34 sec.
1970 July 21

ESM on American fishing fleets, Arab countries, Vietnamese conflict and draft. Audio quality: fair. Length: 7 min. 4 sec.
1969 July 22

At George Washington University. ESM discusses environment, racial issues, other senators. (Tape appears to have been recorded on prior to present recording. Questions and answers at end are from original recording.) Audio quality: Speech -…
1969 March 24

SC9 -- ESM on 1972 campaign, campus disorders, and space race. At Wayne State University. Audio quality: good. Length: 9 min. 59 sec.

SC10 -- ESM on 1968, protests, dissent in democratic society, church and university, freedom, discrimination. At…
1969 May 20

ESM on 1972 campaign plans, activities since 1968 election. Audio quality: poor. Length: 35 min. 58 sec.
1970 April 24

ESM on education, at Cleveland High School. Audio quality: poor. Length: 8 min. 58 sec.

ESM on urban problems with question and answer session, antiballistic missiles. Audio quality: excellent. Length: 58 min. 53 sec.
1969 April 15

View across quad towards corner of College and Campus Avenues.
ca. 1894

Hathorn Hall
ca. 1894

Prof. Benjamin F. Hayes in classroom, Hathorn Hall
ca. 1894
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