Miles Greenwood (Bates class of 1891) photo album


Miles Greenwood (Bates class of 1891) photo album


These pictures were taken by Miles Greenwood of Melrose, Mass., and presented to Alfred Wms. Anthony, March 26, 1924.

They show scenes in and around Bates College about thirty years ago.

[From the first page. Text written by Alfred Williams Anthony.]


ca. 1894


Most photographs are copyright Bates College. For photographs containing no copyright statement, it is up to the researcher to determine the copyright holder (if any) before publishing the image.



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"Campus from Parker"
View across the quad from Parker Hall, probably looking south towards downtown Lewiston.

"Moutain Avenue from Parker"
View west from Parker Hall, showing Rand Field, the base of Mount David, and the Dunn House (at right).

"Front of Hathorn and Parker"
View from quad looking west toward Parker and Rand Field.

"David's Mountain from Frye Field. From present Davis Street"
Mount David in background. Houses are along Frye Street. Prominent house at center is likely Chase House.

"The Mountain from Parker"
View of Mount David, with Rand Field and College Street in the foreground.

View of Parker Hall from Rand Field. Note horse and wagon on College Street.

Parker Hall. College Street in foreground.

"From top of David's Mountain"
View of campus from Mount David

"From Mountain Steps"
View of campus across Rand Field, with playing court and College Street in middle distance.

"Parker from Hathorn"
Parker Hall

"'Bennie' in Psychology"
Prof. Benjamin F. Hayes in classroom, Hathorn Hall

Hathorn Hall

"From front of Hathorn"
View across quad towards corner of College and Campus Avenues.
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